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Bird of Prey Exhibit
Albuquerque Biological Park, New Mexico

Sited in the midst of a grove of cottonwood trees, the south facing, curved Bird of Prey Exhibit is home to a pair of bald eagles, several species of hawks, and vultures. The cottonwood trees provide shade for the birds in the hot southwestern summers and in the winter when the trees drop their leaves the sun provides the needed heat for the comfort of the birds. Each of the five exhibit spaces provides for the species particular needs for flying space, perch heights, breeding/nesting sites, and feeding areas. A back drop of artificial rock formations patterned after nearby cliffs places the birds and viewers in a natural and real environment. The main focus of the exhibit was to provide the optimum conditions for the Zoo’s bald eagles, a long-time, mated pair who produced their first chick after moving into the new exhibit. The Tennessee Valley Authority has commended the Zoo for the number of eagles the Zoo has introduced into the wild since the exhibit was opened.

Photo Courtesy: Albuquerque Biological Park

  • Merit Award, American Institute of Architects, New Mexico Society, 1981