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Commercial Projects

Mack Energy Corporate Office
Artesia, New Mexico

The Mack Energy Corporate Office organizes company departments and furthers the companyís commitment to the environment through the designís emphasis on integrating seen and unseen sustainable features into the building. A two-story atrium floods the interior of the building with natural light and functions as a an organizing space for the visitor, as a civic space, as a secure transition to the administrative functions, and as a strong visual focus to the outdoors.

Mountain States Mutual
Corporate Headquarters

Journal Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

This 5-story, 72,000 SF Class A office building is sited to capture views from all sides of the building. The round, central building mass provides visual interest, extends the interior spaces out into the environment, and organizes the interior circulation. Private offices are located contiguous to well lighted, open office areas for the support staff enhancing the efficiency of office operations. Balconies afford spectacular views of the mountains and the opportunity for natural air ventilation.

911 Emergency Operations Center
City of Albuquerque, New Mexico

The City of Albuquerque required a centralized communications center to house City-wide police and fire dispatch as well as the City's Emergency Operations Center. Because of the presence of the Operations Center within the complex the building needed to be totally secure and able to maintain self-sustained operations for a period of several weeks, no matter the conditions in the world.

Water Treatment Facility
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Curved walls represent the meandering Rio Grande River as it flows in high country streams or forms gorges through mountains or brings water to the fertile agricultural valleys. The colors of the mountains and mesas and a combination of masonry, concrete, and stucco building materials work together to tie the Treatment Facility to the land and to emphasize the Facilityís sense of place.

612 First Street
Albuquerque, New Mexico

VHGA was responsible for the full restoration and renovation of the 15,000 square foot produce warehouse into offices. The renovation provided a shared entry atrium for two tenants, conference rooms and a professional library. A trombe wall covers the entire south side of the building providing heat during the winter months. Unique operable windows allow the use of natural ventilation as a supplement to the direct and indirect air conditioning system which uses 15% of the energy required by a conventional refrigerated air system.