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Mack Energy Corporate Office
Artesia, New Mexico

Taking cues from the company’s vision for technological advances and cutting edge approach to their industry, the design of the Mack Energy Corporate Office combines contemporary design and oil field imagery.

The office is organized around a two-story atrium which floods the interior of the building with natural light. The double height entry functions as an organizing space for the visitor, as a security buffer, and as a strong visual focus to the outdoors. The building’s dramatic, soaring, stone walls recall New Mexico’s diverse landscape. Abundant natural materials are used throughout, anchoring the building to the New Mexico environment of sun, desert, rocks, minerals, and mountains. Solidifying the building’s identity as the headquarters for an energy company, two of the soaring lobby walls are clad in stone in a pattern depicting the oil rich rock strata of southeastern New Mexico and west Texas. Office functions are separated between public interface and in-house functions. A large entry plaza fronts the main entry and is convenient to parking.

Covered employee parking and covered walkways buffer the intense sun. The grounds are landscaped with plantings indigenous to the area: pecan trees, shrubs, and ground covers in keeping with solid xeriscape practices.

Energy conserving design features include sufficient daylighting, water harvesting for landscaping, shading of pavement to avoid the heat island effect, reflective glass, shading devices for windows, water efficient plumbing fixtures, and a reflective roofing system. Locally manufactured sustainable materials were used and products with a high recycled content given priority. A recycling and materials reuse plan was used for construction waste materials.