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Geology Department Laboratory, Classroom, and Museum
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM
Anticipated Completion: 2016

Size of Project: 60,000 square feet
LEED Silver Certification anticipated

The Geology Complex is grouped around an exterior courtyard. The configuration of the three-story lab building was defined by mechanical equipment requirements. The administrative and office wing to the north of the courtyard is two-stories high. The one-story Museum Building is to the east and this highly visible street side location makes the Museum easy for visitors to find. The lab building is double loaded and is designed so the spaces can be reconfigured in the future. Spaces to promote collegial interactions are interspersed throughout the lab wing as an opportunity to encourage interaction between students and professors. An efficiency of function and cost is achieved by locating the offices and labs in separate buildings. The labs require high performance HVAC and ventilation systems and need to be on their own designated system. The Geology Museum occupies a highly visible location making it easy for campus visitors to find.

Building design details of clay tile, pitched roofs and stucco walls with punched window openings establish a strong campus identity and connection to the 1930’s campus design vernacular.

Sustainability features: use of materials with recycled content, building envelope, controlled natural light, overhangs, separation of labs and offices for more efficient HVAC performance, glazing, insulation, and water conservation.