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Sea Lion Exhibit
El Paso Zoo, Texas

The Sea Lion Exhibit with its 20 foot deep pool and rocky cliffs and shoreline is home to ten California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. The exhibit area and swimming tank provide sufficient space to allow the sea lions to swim and dive with vigor. Shallow pools serve as cool and shaded rest areas for the seals. A presentation staging area with shaded audience seating allows the keepers to highlight the natural abilities of the seals in educational and entertaining presentations. To provide a stimulating environment for the animals the exhibit includes formations that the sea lions can swim under, around, and through.

In addition to a variety of above ground viewing locations and the 200-seat performance venue, there are two, below grade view areas affording an opportunity to observe these large animals as they gracefully swim and dive. A quarantine area, medical facilities, and stand alone life support system are important back of house facilities.