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“VHGA has been very good about listening to us. They’ve been very good about understanding our perspective and we are not an easy client. We have very high expectations of the design. We have high expectations of the design team and the effort that they put forth in the whole process.”

“When Van’s office came in and listened to the people who were going to be using the facility, they did it with very, very intense skill, and they were able to pull out some of the ideas that were key to making the project successful.”

“Van’s firm has specifically had their pulse on what to do to design performance buildings and implement sustainable design. VHGA wants to design buildings that last a long time so that your investment has a long life cycle.”

“If you’re looking for a firm to provide you a successful project and be able to accomplish all the things that you want, I would recommend Van’s firm because he has shown the ability to hear, to innovate, and to provide answers that you might not have thought about related to your project.”

Mr. Al Sena, AIA, Director, District Facilities Rio Rancho School District

“Certainly, the careful way in which you have integrated the Center with the existing buildings and landscape features greatly enhances the overall architectural quality of our part of the UNM campus.

“You have creatively arranged the interior spaces to encourage the interaction of students and faculty, a feature that is at the heart of how we teach in the School. Your team’s engaging and interactive approach, starting from assessing our needs and continuing throughout the process has been extremely effective.”

Joseph L. Cecchi, Dean and Professor School of Engineering, University of New Mexico

“It’s unusual for the University to select an architect to do multiple projects but UNM has selected VHGA seven times. The University wants an architect they know they can work with as part of a team, someone they can depend on to be reliable, working for the same goal, someone who will return calls and fix problems if there is a problem. VHGA does that.”

Roger L. Schluntz, FAIA, Dean and Professor School of Architecture, University of New Mexico