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Water Treatment Facility
City of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Curved walls represent the meandering Rio Grande River as it flows in high country streams or forms gorges through mountains or brings water to the fertile agricultural valleys.

The colors of the mountains and mesas and a combination of masonry, concrete, and stucco building materials work together to tie the Treatment Facility to the land and to emphasize the Facility’s sense of place.

The building interior consists of operational facilities and an area for the general public. Displays and exhibits explaining the water treatment process are incorporated in the public area.

Interpretive exhibits educate the public about environmental pollution and describe how the City provides clean and safe water to the public.

Operational facilities include a staff training area, control room administrative spaces, and an in-house laboratory for all water testing. The public access to the Water Treatment Facility is restricted to the entry and main lobby and a lounge/ kitchenette or lunch area.

A viewing platform overlook allows the visitor to observe the water processing operation.